Active Endülüs - 9 Gece & 10 Gün (İngilizce Program)

Fiyat seçenekleri için lütfen bizimle iletişime geçiniz …

  • Day 1: Meeting at Malaga Airport, city tour in Malaga and overnight in Antequera.
  • Day 2: Antequera visit, hiking on the El Torcal trail in the natural park on the mythical red route, overnight in Ronda.
  • Day 3: Visit to Ronda, hiking route through Tajo del Abanico, overnight in Seville.
  • Day 4: Visit to Seville, Reales Alcazares, the Cathedral and Giralda. Flamenco show at Tablao. Overnight in Seville.
  • Day 5: Departure for Huelva, Valverde del Camino. Hiking routes Rio Tinto-Nerva and Sierra Norte de Sevilla. Overnight in Seville.
  • Day 6: Leaving Seville, visit to Cordoba and The Mezquita-Catedral, Ubeda. Overnight in Sierra de Cazorla.
  • Day 7: Early departure in the morning and visit to Sierra de Cazorla by 4×4. Overnight in Granada.
  • Day 8: Visit to Alhambra, Albaicin neighborhood and Granada. Overnight in Granada.
  • Day 9: Leave for Pico de Mulhacen, highest peak of Iberian Peninsula or Canyoning through Rio Verde to tropical coast. Overnight in Malaga
  • Day 10: Depending on the flight time, free time in the city. Transfer to the airport.


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Rehberlik Hizmeti


We are meeting at Malaga Costa del Sol Airport and we are starting to discover Malaga, the city of the sun. In the south of the Mediterranean Coast, between the provinces of Granada and Cadiz, where winter never comes, lies the city of Malaga. The Phoenicians named it Malaka, it was invaded by the Romans and later by the Arabs. It maintains its historical roots unchanged, some proves of it are the Roman Theatre, that was built at the foot of the mount Gibralfaro, and the Arab Citadel from the XI century, the “Alcazaba” of Malaga and the historical Picasso Museum. After having some free time in the city we will head to Antequera for overnight.
This morning we will have a panoramic city tour in Antequera then head to El Torcal de Antequera, the natural mountain setting at an altitude of more than 1200 meters. Today we will discover the mythical Red Route of Torcal de Antequera, a fascinating route full of contrasts, from the mysterious karst labyrinth to the impressive panoramic views from the highest point of Camorro de los Monteses. After our route we will go to the romantic city of Andalusia, to Ronda for overnight.
Today we will start to discover the city of Ronda, its romanticism, stories, the incredible Ronda gorge and its new bridge that is one hundred meters high and Roman and Arab bridges. Strolling through its streets we will get to know the German poet Rilke and find out how the American writer Ernest Hemingway was inspired for his work “For whom the bell tolls”. Then we will head to the town hall square and there we will see the Santa Maria la Mayor Church. Finishing our visit here we will take a short break to do our hiking route through “Tajo del Abanico”. Route from Ronda to Benaojan passing through the Tajo del Abanico, a place of great geological richness. Then we will walk through the Colada del Camino de Ronda a Cortes and see Tajo del Abanico. The rock of the Tajo is made of sandstone with limestone and is called “Molasa” with the same characteristics as the Tajo de Ronda. The flora here includes plenty of oaks and bushes. Finishing our route we will take our way to the capital of Andalusia, Seville for overnight.
Today after breakfast, we will begin our tour from the avenue of the palms and we see “casas” of the countries of American continent, Plaza of America and stop in peerless Plaza of España. Then we will continue our visit passing through the historical district “Santa Cruz” seeing old traditional houses of Seville, and its narrow streets and feeling the memories of the inquisitorial period. Upon reaching the Plaza de Triunfo (Victory Square) we will see the most famous monuments of Seville: The Cathedral of Seville, The Bell Tower: Hiralda, The Palace of Castilla Kings: Alcazar, the building of Indian Archives. Then we will have some free time to discover more in Seville. Overnight in Seville.
Today after breakfast we head to our hiking route in the old mines of the Rio Tinto, in Huelva. This route is so peculiar that it looks like a piece of Mars on earth. We will see how the incredible landscape is and all the materials it contains make the river flow reddish. This path belonged to the old miners of the area and for decades the economy of the villagers depended on the mining companies established by the British in the 19th century. Finishing our route we will arrive at the Sierra Norte de Seville, where the landscape changes completely with the acorn trees, rubber trees and the Iberian pork farms. Here we will have the possibility to visit a farm and we will see how the famous Iberian ham is made. After this unique experience we will head back to Seville for overnight.
Today we will start our visits in Cordoba with a walk on the streets of the old district, between old Andalusian houses, streets with flowers and fountains. Cordoba used to be the capital of Muslims for 500 years in the Medieval Period. It was known as the capital of scholars, culture and Andalusian caliphate. Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Marmonides and many others worked and lived in this amazing medieval capital. You can still feel this matchless history on the streets of Cordoba. Also we will see the 2000 year-old Roman Bridge which remained from its Roman founders’ and the tower added by Muslims, Tower of Callahora. And the wonderful mosque, Mezquita-Catedral of Cordoba. After our visit to Córdoba, we will continue to the north of Andalusia. One of the UNESCO world heritage cities, Ubeda, the Renaissance wii be waiting for us. Here we will see the fusion of various styles and we will dive into the history of the city. The mix of the Muslim style and the change that took place in the city in the 16th century with the arrival of the Christians is very visibly evident today in Ubeda. During our tour we will pass through the Jewish neighborhood, Plaza de Vazquez Molina, Palacio de las Cadenas, Sacred Chapel of Salvador, Synagogue of Water, Church of San Pablo. We will finish our excursion here with some impressive views of “the sea” of olive trees at the foothills of Sierra Magina and continue to Cazorla for overnight.
Today we will head to Sierra de Cazorla to see its treasures, with impressive views, the inhabitants (animals) of the area by our 4×4 excursion. In total we will travel 90 km passing through, Cerrada de Utrero, Nava del Espino, Nava San Pedro, Ramblaseca, Campos de Hernan Perea, Banderillas, Los Charcones. After our tour, we will drive to Granada for overnight.
Today after breakfast we will take our day to spend a quiet day in Granada and discover the treasures it hides. We will start with the jewel of Al-Andalus: “La Roja”, the Alhambra Palace, which will surprise us with its splendors, its play of light and shadow, gardens and stories. Then we will head to the city center. During our tour we will see the Albaizin neighborhood, the old Muslim quarter, Granda Cathedral, Paseo de los Tristes, Corral del Carbon, Palacio de la Madraza and Gran Via. After some free time to discover the city on your own, we will head back to our hotel in Granada.
Today we have two options to enjoy this day. After finishing either of below options we will head to Malaga for overnight:

Option 1: Climb the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula, the Mulhacen, 3479 meters high. On this route we will pass through towns of Alpujarra, Lanjaron, Pampaneiera, Bubion and we will arrive at Capileira. From here with our team we will start to climb from 2250 meters. We will pass through the 7 lagoons, we will see the Veleta peak, Alcabazaba and an impressive view of the Sierra Nevada. If we are lucky maybe we can see the Mediterranean and the African coast.

Option 2: Canyoning in one of the less known areas, but one of the most attractive places on the tropical coast of Granada. On this route that we will take with you, we will see the rich environment of the Sierra de Almijara. With this water activity that Rio Verde provides for us we will have opportunity to do slides, jumps and rappelling. Finishing our activity we will pass through the fields of tropical fruits and arrive at the Mediterranean coast to enjoy our afternoon.

Today is the departure day. Depending on the flight time, we will have some free time in the city, after breakfast at our hotel. Then we will drive to the airport.