Hispania Baetica - 5 Noches & 6 Días (Programa en inglés)

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  • Day 1: Meet in Malaga and transfer to Granada. City center visit during the day and Gipsy night in the evening. Accommodation in Granada.
  • Day 2: Visit Alhambra and continue to Ubeda-Baeza. Visit Renaissance works there and continue to Roman site Castulo in Linares. Accommodation in Cordoba.
  • Day 3: Visit Cordoba and Roman works. Head to Carmona and visit Roman ruins. Accommodation in Seville.
  • Day 4: Visit Seville, Roman site Italica and continue to Roman Baelo Claudia. Accomodation in Algeciras.
  • Day 5: Visit Ronda, Roman Acinipo and Roman ruins in Osuna. Accommodation in Malaga.
  • Day 6: Visit Malaga and transfer to the airport.

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Guía de viajes


Today we are meeting in Malaga airport and we will drive to Granada from there. Upon arrival in Granada, we will have a panoramic tour in the city centre and we will see the Roman Bridge. Then we will leave the bus and start walking. We will see Paseo del Violon, Calle Reyes de Catholicos, an Andalusian heritage old bazaar Coral de Carbon, Plaza Isabel de Catholica, Gran Via, Catedral of Granada and old Muslim district Albayzin. See the marvellous view of Granada from Mirador de San Nicolas and then head to our hotel in Granada. Tonight we will join a Gipsy night to watch a dance performance full of passion. Overnight in Granada.
This morning we will leave Granada and head to Baeza and then Ubeda towns in which we will arrive after an approximately 1,5 hour drive. These two Andalusian towns, which are located between the endless olive groves in the north of Granada, have been home to impressive works of the Spanish medieval and Renaissance eras, and in 2003, they were included in the UNESCO world heritage list. They carry the glory of Spain to the present. First, on our walking tour in Baeza, we will see the town square, the Baeza Cathedral from outside, the Jabalquinto Palace, the medieval university building, the Santa Maria Square, the lion fountain and the historical houses. After our walking tour we will have some free time for you to enjoy Baeza more and to have a chance to visit unique museums and monuments here. After Baeza, our next stop is Ubeda. During our walking tour here, we will see the historical Jewish quarter and old streets, the Consistoriales House, San Pablo Church, Vela-Cobos Palace, San Lorenzo Church, San Nicolas Church and the historical Santiago Hospital. After this medieval journey now we will turn our route to Roman age. This time we will head to the ruins of Castulo where we will see Roman and Iberians ruins. A new discovery, marvellous Roman mosaic of Castulo awaits us in the ruins of Roman villa of Castulo. Also, we will see Roman baths, Iberian defence walls, Roman and Iberian tombs in the city. After our visit in Castulo we will drive to Cordoba to check in our hotel there.
Today we will start our visits in Cordoba with a walk on the streets of the old district, between old Andalusian houses, streets with flowers and fountains. Cordoba used to be the capital of Muslims for 500 years in the Medieval Period. It was known as the capital of scholars, culture and Andalusian caliphate. Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Marmonides and many others worked and lived in this amazing medieval capital. You can still feel this matchless history on the streets of Cordoba. Also we will see the 2000 year-old Roman Bridge which remained from its Roman founders’ and the tower added by Muslims, Tower of Callahora. And the wonderful mosque, Mezquita-Cathedral of Cordoba. Then we will leave the city behind and head to Carmona. The history of this Roman city goes back to 5000 years and it is one of the oldest settlements in Iberia. We will see the ruins from Roman and medieval eras at the same time in this city. Roman amphitheatre and amazing necropolis area are the most remarkable spots we will see here. After our visit and free time in Carmona we will continue to Seville. On arrival in the city, we will have a panoramic tour in the city center by our bus and check in our hotel here, in Seville
The capital and the biggest city of the modern province of Andalusia: Seville will be our first destination today. We will start our visit in avenue of palm trees and see “casas” of the countries of American continent, Plaza of America and stop in peerless Plaza of España. Then we will continue our visit passing through the historical district “Santa Cruz” seeing old traditional houses of Seville, and its narrow streets and feeling the memories of the inquisitorial period. Upon reaching the Plaza de Triunfo (Victory Square) we will see the most famous monuments of Seville: The Cathedral of Seville, The Bell Tower: Hiralda, The Palace of Castilla Kings: Alcazar, the building of Indian Archives. After our visit here, we will head to the first Roman colony outside of Italy: Roman Italica! It is also called as “the city of emperors” because it is the birthplace of two famous emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. We will see ruins of the city, mosaics and listen to its fascinating history: founded by Africanus Scipio, punished by Caesar… After the Italica visit one of the most beautiful Roman sites, Baelo Claudia, will be waiting for us. For Baelo, we will turn our route to the south, near Gibraltar, to the ocean. In Baelo, founded near the ocean, over the wonderful white sands of the amazing beach side we will see one of the best forum structures, baths, macellum, theater, basilica, “garum” workshops. This city will make you fall in love with itself not only with its Roman heritage but also its marvelous nature. After our visit there we will continue to the seaside, to see the southernmost point of Europe: Tarifa. Then we will head to Algeciras, near Gibraltar, for overnight.
Today we are heading to “Romantic Capital” of Spain: Ronda. Ronda became famous with Hemingway’s masterpiece “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. The book tells us the dark days of Ronda during Spanish Civil War. However, since the 18th century, this place has been one of the main haunts for travelers because of its natural beauty. Canyons, cliffs, its amazing bridge, oldest bullfight arena of Spain and its wonderful beauties like Italian Toscana. After our visit here we will continue to Roman site Acinipo, near Ronda for a short but pleasant visit where we will see a wonderful Roman theater along with other ruins. After all the wonders on the earth now it is time for an underworld visit! We will see a Roman necropolis, in the north, near the typical Andalusian village Osuna. Then we will drive back to our start point, to Malaga and check in our hotel there.
We will start our trip on the Mediterranean coast. Malaga is the center of the “costa del sol” which means “sunny beach”. Because the sun is shining over this beautiful city more than 350 days a year. We will see a part of this famous beach, botanic gardens of the city, Castle of Gibralfaro, cathedral of the city, Plaza Constitución, Roman theater, Andalusian castle, Picasso Museum, History of Art and Archaeology Museum from outside in our panoramic tour. Then we will give free time in the city center for you to visit other museums of the city, to explore remarkable boutiques for shopping or to taste famous tapas of the amazing Andalusian kitchen. At the end of our free time, we will head to the airport and finish our tour with unforgettable memories of Roman Andalusia.