Anatolia - 14 Nights & 15 Days

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  • Day 1; Welcome to Ankara
  • Day 2; Capital City of Turkey
  • Day 3; Hittite Empire
  • Day 4; Göreme
  • Day 5; Underground City
  • Day 6; Whirling Dervishes
  • Day 7; Aspendos
  • Day 8; Perge – Antalya
  • Day 9; Termessos (UNESCO World Heritage Center)
  • Day 10; Hierapolis
  • Day 11; Ephesus
  • Day 12; Castle of Pergamon
  • Day 13; Trojan
  • Day 14; History comes to Life
  • Day 15; Güle Güle

Services included in the program


Guidance Service


Flight to Ankara. Your guide will meet and accompany you to your hotel. With a refreshing drink you will get the first information. Two overnights in Ankara.
Ankara, capital city of Turkey, located at the heart of Anatolia. It is a dynamic attractive city with its green environment and lots of interesting places. We will discover the history of the Hittites and old Anatolians in the fascinating Museum of Archaeology. After driving around the famous citadel we will visit the Augustus temple. Than our day concludes with an unforgettable visit to the “Anitkabir”, where the father of Turks buried- the Atatürk Mausoleum.
After leaving the capital of Turkey we will travel to the capital of Hittite Empire, Hattusa, a UNESCO World Heritage Center. There you can view the impressing remains of the Lion and King Gates and the inscriptions of Temple and Library. The tour continues to the Hittites holy place, Yazilikaya, the famous rock temple with its huge Relief. Three overnights in Cappadocia.
Let’s visit the world of illustrious fairy chimneys. It’s not just the natural and unspoilt beauty of Cappadocia that makes it a fascinating place here the Christian works of art, churches, monasteries and graves which are made by carving the pyramid cones into the rocks all come together and create an impressive environment. The “Dark Church” and the “Tokali Church” are two churches of the most magnificent examples of early Christian art from Cappadocia, and are included in our program.
Driving to Çavusin and visiting the “pigeon’s church”. The day continues with a little walk through the green part of “güllü dere” to Ayvalı Church. It is the one of the last preserved church from the time after Iconoclasts of the 8th-9th century .Than we reach the friar’s part adorned of course with fairy chimneys which are the symbol of Cappadocia. After this you will discover the underground city, which is become from many floors deep under ground.
Konya is the home of whirling dervishes and important spiritual center for Muslims. The Mevlana Convent accommodates the grave of Islamic mystics Mevlana and a museum of Islamic arts. You can see in Karatay Medrese (Koran school) fascinating examples of traditional glazed art.
Road continues through the extraordinary landscape of south coast to Aspendos; which still has the reputation of being the best preserved theater of Antiquity. Entertainment is still organized within this great theatre as the acoustics are considered superb even in this day and age. The remainder of our sightseeing tour rakes in the Belkıs Bridge and roman aquaduckts. Two overnights in Antalya.
Today, the road is continues to Perge, an important city of Pamphylia. Ancient remains around the “Kestros” river which runs near the Acropolis, made the city like a port, while it was possible to navigate. After the Trojans war the Ancient Greeks shaped the city with their ideas and culture and Perge enjoyed a golden age. Remnants of this time are still visible in the form of the wide Colonnaded Road, the huge Stadium and the City Gates. Than we visit the Antalya, the most beautiful city in Turkish Riviera. Together with an impressive panorama of Taurus Mountains you can reach the old city and visit the Yivli Minaret mosque, which is symbol of Antalya
Early in the morning your journey will start. Termessos is the most interesting ancient city in Antalya, located in Termessos Natural Park which is covered by wild flora with its unusual beauty .After a coffee break we will reach Pamukkale where you can witness one of the most natural beauties of Turkey, the limestone terraces. Of course you will understand why Pamukkale means “cotton castle”. Overnight is in Pamukkale.
Pamukkale is famous not only for the extraordinary beauty of its unique geological formations, but also for its historical remains of Hierapolis which is located directly on top of the travertines. Finally we will have break at Carpet Weaving Center and see the story of how carpets are made. We will learn the steps made from the raw material, silk, wool and cotton, right through to the finished product. Two overnights in Kusadası.
Today you visit the Ephesus, which is one of the largest open air museums of the world. The rests of the city preserved almost perfectly to the present day. The most significant remains of the site are; Agora, Domitian Temple, Nympheum, Baths, Theatre (the biggest theatre of Asia Minor with 25.000 spectators capacity), Arcadias Marble Street, Celsius Library. During the afternoon you can see the Virgin Mary House and St.John Basilica as well. Diner and overnight is in Kuşadası.
From Kusadası the road goes to Pergamon (today Bergama).You will visit the Acropolis which is located on a hill and accommodates remains of Altar of Zeus, Herons Buildings and Monumental Tombs .The most significant remains of the ancient city are; Asklepion and Sanatorium.
Driving to Trojan, which is a Hellenistic city in Çanakkale. Here we will see the home of Trojan Horse documented in Homers “Iliad”. The remains of ancient Trojan were excavated by archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1871, all those keeping the ancient myths and memories awake in this city and transforming the history from thousands years ago to present. The road continues over the infamous Dardanelles towards Istanbul.
Even today you can see marks of past. Hagias Sophia, the holly wisdom, the head Church Byzantine Empire and religious center of Orthodoxy. The Blue Mosque is not only a beautiful building with a fascinating history but it is also the only mosque in the world with six minarets.
Like the words say; we wish that you will farewell smiling and with beautiful memories from Turkey. Till next time…